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[单曲] Shine Dion的歌曲《The Well》


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Shine Dion——《The Well》(井,水井)

By an old drinking well on the grass so green 一口古老的水井旁,青草如此之绿

I lay down and fell into a dream 我躺下,坠入梦境

By a strange mellow sound from a silver eyed bird 一只银色眼睛的小鸟,传来奇妙圆润的声音

I opened my eyes but said no word 我静静睁开眼睛

On the pathway came walking a woman so bold 小路上,走来一位冒失的女子

Behind her in silence went the old 身后无声地跟着一位老人

Ahead ran the children with joyful cries 身前孩子们快乐地奔跑着叫喊着

Their faces were lifted to the sky 他们抬头仰望天空

The woman's hair was raven and black as the night 女子的秀发犹如黑夜

Covered with stars shining bright 夜的上空星光闪闪

As they passed by the well I saw that their eyes 当他们经过井旁,我发现他们的眼睛

Were flaming like many coloured ice 闪着七彩寒冰般的光

They passed by the well like a breeze pure and clean 他们飘过井旁,如清风般清新纯净

Soon they were nowhere to be seen 眨眼便无踪无影

When I woke up alone on the grass so green 当我独自醒来,身下碧草如茵

I looked into the well to catch the dream 我朝井里观望,想追回这场梦

The water was rising and I felt a chill 井水缓缓上涨,我感到一丝寒意

I willed the water to be still 我竭力想让水平静

There was a face in the mirror like a face out of time 井中倒映的脸庞,恍如隔世

The eyes held a shimmery shine 那眼中含着微微泪光

There was a face in the mirror and the face wasn't mine 井中却已不是我昨日的模样

The eyes held a shimmery shine 那眼中含着微微泪光

签到天数: 68 天


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